Step by step guide to connecting to Microsoft Azure with DE-CIX DirectCLOUD

Step by step guide to connecting to Microsoft Azure with DE-CIX DirectCLOUD cover

The DE-CIX DirectCLOUD service provides private, direct, and secure access to cloud service providers, including Microsoft Azure. Access with DirectCLOUD guarantees more reliability, faster speeds, and lower latencies than typical Internet connections.

Our white paper gives you step-by-step instructions on how to configure both private peering and Microsoft peering for an ExpressRoute circuit, to help you set up connectivity with optimal routing from your premises to Microsoft Azure via DirectCLOUD.

Take advantage of a direct access to the Microsoft cloud

Download the white paper to learn about:

  • Microsoft Azure ExpressROUTE
  • The difference between private peering and Microsoft peering
  • Sample network setup and how to set up connectivity

Our step by step guide will help you to set up your connectivity to Microsoft Azure via our DirectCLOUD service and take advantage of a private, secure, and direct access to the cloud.

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