case study

Work trouble-free with Microsoft 365 


Our partner EnBITCon GmbH is one of those partners who recognized the potential of the Microsoft Azure Peering Service (MAPS) early on and promoted it to their customers.

In connection with EnBITCon's Managed Mailgateway, a large law firm from Cologne enjoys the benefits of a prioritized and secure Microsoft connection in the form of the MAPS service.

What is the Microsoft Azure Peering Service?

The Microsoft Azure Peering Service (MAPS) provides customers with a reliable and optimized connection to Microsoft cloud services, such as Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), and improves the user experience by choosing the shortest route from the customer location to the nearest Edge PoP on the Microsoft network.

The challenge

Jan 25, 2023 was a black day for Microsoft 365 administrators, as services were unavailable for many users. Various Microsoft cloud services, such as Outlook, Teams and OneDrive, experienced massive disruptions worldwide due to a network issue. In Germany alone, there were thousands of incident reports during the morning.

Since many of the Cologne-based law firm's  clients are Microsoft 365 customers, the secure and stable exchange of mail is essential. In a law firm of its size, speed is one of the key factors. Services that are essential for a smooth workflow and delivery of time-critical actions must be available.

The solution

Due to good preparation, the law firm was able to continue using emails without any interruptions. Thanks to direct peering with Microsoft 365, via the MAPS service of DE-CIX, the customer was able to send and receive mails from Microsoft 365 without any restrictions, as this connection was not affected by the disruption. Similarly, Teams, OneDrive, and collaboration tools such as Sharepoint and Dynamics were available without interruption. Through this situation, the customer has experienced first-hand the benefits of the service and understands the added value of direct peering.  

Due to the premium connection to the Microsoft network, the customer did not experience any impact and was able to provide its services in the usual high quality, without any loss of productivity. Another added benefit is the fact that the customer also knows which pathway the data takes into the Microsoft network. In the future, the firm will address this type of connection with its clients as well.

About EnBITCon: EnBITCon Gmbh is a systems integrator based in Bonn, Germany, specializing in the provision of managed services, IT security, and WLAN connectivity.  The company became one of the first DE-CIX systems integrator partners, as the topic of connectivity is taking on an increasingly important role in companies.