DE-CIX Richmond renumbering

Beginning November 2021, all former RVA-IX customers will be migrated to the new DE-CIX Richmond Apollon platform. Due to this change, configuration updates and a renumbering of the IPv6 address on the peer side will be required. 

With the implementation of two new IPv4 and IPv6 route servers by DE-CIX, please be aware of the following: 

  1. To peer with these, you will need to establish sessions with RIC route servers as described in the Router server guide
  2. The new DE-CIX IPv4 route servers will have new IPv4 addresses. However, the IPv4 addresses of the RVA-IX peers will remain the same.
  3. Every peer located at the former RVA-IX will receive a new IPv6 address. Therefore, any direct peering with these customers will need to be modified to include their newly provided IPv6 address.

Please see answers to questions you may have, below. 

FAQs on Richmond renumbering

Why do we have to renumber?
You will need to configure a new IPv6 address, as well as route server sessions. This is due to the IPv6 addressing scheme that we at DE-CIX utilize, in which we add the customer's ASN into the IPv6 address.

Does the change need to be done at a specific time?
Yes, the change has to be done between 2021-11-08 and 2021-11-12. We will announce more precise times to all DE-CIX customers once we get near these dates.

What happens if I miss the deadline?
You cannot peer at DE-CIX Richmond until you have completed the change.

Can I make the change before the date?
Yes, but you cannot peer then until everybody else has changed as well. 

Do I have to configure anything else except the interface IPs and netmask?
Please check if you have configured any access-lists and update them as well.

I have two routers connected to RVA-IX, do I have to update them at the same time?
No, but both have to be changed.

Do I have to confirm to you when I have made the change?
You do not have to but it will not hurt. 

How do I receive my new IPv6 address?
We will send your new IPv6 address in a personalized email to every peer.

What will be the new route server ASN and IP addresses?, 2001:504:44::6:218:a:1, AS393752, 2001:504:44::6:218:a:2, AS393752