Get highly reliable connectivity to 
Microsoft 365 

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Benefit from

Separated connection from the public Internet.

Increased performance with low latency and redundancy build-in.

Binding SLAs & support from Microsoft.

Did you know that three-quarters of the companies we surveyed are planning to upgrade their connectivity solutions for the Microsoft SaaS cloud within the next two years? Is your enterprise one of the 80% experiencing an increase in performance issues with remote working tools, like Microsoft 365? Or do you belong to the 50% of corporate IT managers that have concerns about confidential information being exposed to security threats on the public Internet?

Equip yourself with the best and most secure performance

The key factors for improving performance and security are 

  • reducing latency by having the shortest paths between the application and the user,
  • increasing resilience and redundancy to minimize outages, and
  • using a secure connection directly to the application source, bypassing the public Internet.

Microsoft Azure Peering Service gives you just that: it is an SLA-backed, DDoS-free direct connection to the Microsoft cloud services, optimizing the performance of tools like Microsoft 365. The highly reliable service improves the user experience by offering the shortest network path from your premises to the nearest edge PoP in the Microsoft network. 

How enterprises benefit from direct access to Microsoft

Download our white paper to learn more about the benefits of connecting to the Microsoft SaaS cloud with Microsoft Azure Peering Service.

In the white paper, you'll learn about:

  • The challenges of connecting over the public Internet to cloud applications and service
  • The different ways of connecting to Microsoft
  • The benefits of using the Microsoft Azure Peering Service

Find out how to get a controlled, reliable, and high-performing connectivity with optimal routing from your enterprise to the Microsoft cloud. 

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