25 June 2020

Where is your data?

Every transaction, streaming content, ad click and likes on social media generates data. The world watches over 700,000 hours of Netflix and sends close to 200 million emails in just one minute. All this data needs to be stores somewhere. Ever thought where exactly?

We have put together a selection of data centers located in the most unusual places.

More and more people access the Internet every day and developments such as 5G and IoT will only increase data volumes. For data centers this means increased energy consumption and increased energy efficiency is one of the top priorities for data center designers. This applies both the infrastructure being designed to consume less energy but also when considering location of a data center.

Discover where your data might be stored in our article “Your data might be in the Artic”. The article is published on our jubilee website withoutyou.de-cix.net celebrating 25 years of Internet history.