12 June 2020

When to peer and when to use transit white paper now available in German

Our popular white paper “When to peer and when to use transit” is now available also in German: “Wann wähle ich Peering und wann Transit“. 

Whether you are a small hosting provider, an ISP, a content publisher, or a content application provider, at one point or another in your network’s growth cycle, you will ask yourself the question: When should I peer and when should I use transit?

Performance comparison of peering vs. transit

Based on empirical study which collected over a million latency measurements over the duration of two years, the white paper presents result of performance comparison of peering and transit interconnection strategies, quantifying the performance differences between transit and peering. 
Peering has many benefits: it reduces latency, improves the network quality, enhances the end user experience, reduces networks costs, etc. But what does that mean exactly?

The white paper shares the results of the study and benefits of peering compared to transit. To learn why companies are engaging increasingly in peering relationships instead of buying transit, download “Wann wähle ich Peering und wann Transit“ white paper now.

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