26 March 2021

UPIX partners up with DE-CIX

UPIX Networks has become an official DE-CIX reseller partner, improving the possibilities of local networks in Brazil to benefit from our interconnection services. Now networks in Fortaleza, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and several intermediate regions (Caraguatatuba, Paraty, Angra dos Reis, Itaguaí) can easily connect to the DE-CIX ecosystem in New York, as well as many other DE-CIX locations in the US and Europe. In the near future, networks from all over Latin America – including Chile, Argentina, and Colombia – will be able to connect through UPIX to the DE-CIX platform, allowing peering with hundreds of networks and access to cloud service providers not available in the region.  

Wide range of connectivity solutions

With headquarters in Sao Paulo and New York, the UPIX team ensures agility in commercial and operational actions, offering a wide range of connectivity solutions to their customers, from colocation and Smart Hands to IP Transit and local/remote peering. Additionally, their support team is available in three different languages, Portuguese, English, and Spanish, ensuring a seamless and effective communication with their customers.