20 July 2021

Upgrading backbone infrastructure with Smartoptics

DE-CIX has chosen the Smartoptics open line system to upgrade and future-proof our backbone network with 400G capacity. The new network will simplify network operations and improve customer experience through smoother provisioning.

The solution will be based on the DCP-M40-ZR+ open line system, optimized for coherent 400G connectivity, with embedded optics. DCP-M has the form factor and usability of a passive multiplexer, but – unlike a passive multiplexer – it monitors traffic, amplifies the signals for longer distances, and can handle higher data rate protocols.

Faster customer provisioning

Annual traffic growth at our exchanges is about 30 percent. To increase network capacity quickly and efficiently, while staying ahead of customer expectations, upgrading to 400G with the Smartoptics open line system helps us upscale our network and prepare for the future. For customers, this means an entirely new experience, with simpler and faster service provisioning.

The implementation has already started in Frankfurt, and other locations will soon follow.

Matthias Kayser, Director Presales at Smartoptics AS, talked about 100G and 400G interconnection solutions at our virtual Techmeeting 2021. Watch the recording.