26 February 2019

Two new resellers for Madrid: Aire Networks and Telxius

We warmly welcome Aire Networks and Telxius as resellers for DE-CIX Madrid! With these new resellers, access to DE-CIX is now possible at a range of cities in Spain and in South America that were not available before. 

Aire Networks’  27,000-kilometer network is one of the largest in Spain, and they offer access to DE-CIX Madrid from several cities in Spain, including Seville, Murcia, and Elche.  Telxius operates the two highest capacity submarine cables in the world, Marea and Brusa, and as a DE-CIX reseller, they offer access to DE-CIX Madrid from several countries in South America, e.g. Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador etc. In addition, networks can use Telxius' PoPs in the US, Europe, and South America not only to connect to DE-CIX Madrid, but also to DE-CIX Frankfurt and DE-CIX Marseille.

With the new countries, the number of countries from which networks can have access to DE-CIX rises to 74, and the number of cities rises to over 470. Check out here where you can connect to DE-CIX from, either at a DE-CIX-enabled site, a DE-CIX access site, or via a DE-CIX reseller. 

Telxius is the telecommunication infrastructure company of the Telefónica Group, managing a unique combination of towers and an international network of high capacity fiber optic submarine cables. Telxius offers advanced services on its 87,000 km international network which consists of ten high capacity submarine fiber optic cables, including two of the highest capacity systems in the world, MAREA and BRUSA.