2 February 2022

Traffic peak roundup

2021 at DE-CIX was a year of peaks and records and last year the global data traffic stabilized at a high level. In 2022 we have already seen new traffic peaks at most of our Internet Exchanges, and here is the cream of the crop.

Frankfurt breaks the 11 Tbps line

Last night DE-CIX Frankfurt reached 11 Terabits per second (Tbps). It joined the 10Tbps club just over a year ago and we have been closing in the 11 mark little by little throughout 2021. There are currently over 1060 networks connected in Frankfurt.

New York joins the 1 Tbps club

In 2020 we crossed the 800Gbps line for the first time in New York and two years later, DE-CIX New York joins Frankfurt in the DE-CIX 1Tbps club. DE-CIX New York is the 5th largest Internet Exchange in the US, and the number one in the Northeast and currently it connects 260 networks.

DE-CIX Madrid celebrated its fifth birthday last year and the traffic figures increased by 50 percent from 2020 to 2021. Now Madrid is closing in on the 900Gbps mark, with current peak of over 890Gbps. Will it be the next one to join the 1Tbps club? 

Istanbul and Dallas cross 300 Gbps

DE-CIX Dallas and Istanbul have both reached 300Gbps, with the current peak in Dallas being over 320Gbps and 364Gbps in Istanbul. UAE-IX in Dubai is almost there as well with the current peak of 294Gbps.

150 Gbps in Marseille and Munich

Both DE-CIX Marseille and Munich crossed the 150Gbps line in January. Last year in Munich we upgraded to a new /23 network and the exchange connects over 200 networks. Marseille, on the other hand, has over 100 connected networks and is part of the largest interconnection ecosystem in Southern Europe.