17 September 2020

The foundations of the Internet

DE-CIX has been there since the early days of the Internet, and with our partners around the world – connectivity partners, network builders and operators, ISPs, CDNs, and CSPs – we have worked together to optimize traffic flows, and make the Internet a better place to learn, engage, connect, and to do business.

From landline phone to 5G

In the beginning, there was the landline telephone. Sound, transformed into electrical current, was sent down copper wires, and out into the world. The early Internet was a noisy place – the screeches, squeaks, and white noise told us that we were connecting. 

So, how did the Internet transform from the loud, slow, and expensive service to today’s ubiquitous, high-performance, and mobile tool? Take a trip back in time to the beginnings of the commercial Internet, and read our article to find out how our partners helped to build the backbone of the Internet. And with the next steps just around the corner, with the roll-out of the new 5G mobile standard, how they are shaping the digital future.

Celebrating 25 years of Internet history

This year we celebrate a quarter of a century of Internet history. We have created a dedicated website where, throughout the year, we will take a look back at 25 years of Internet and interconnection history and at what is happening today.