23 April 2019

Soon at DE-CIX: Two new patch robots

Patchy McPatchbot, the first patch robot at an Internet Exchange worldwide, is getting company! Soon, the patch robot family at DE-CIX will grow: Two new patch robots will be installed.

Patchy has been in operation at DE-CIX since the infrastructure migration from the old DE-CIX FRA7 site to the new DE-CIX FRA12 site in Frankfurt in 2018. It simplifies the provisioning or upgrading of customer ports and performs this within minutes, without the need for a technician to directly physically intervene.

Name the two new robots

As the installation date comes close, we are thinking about what to call the next two robots. Do you have any suggestions? We have already received some suggestions via our social media channels and from DE-CIX customers and employees, like Margaret Patcher, Luke Patchwalker, Lighty Mc. Lightface, Karl & Lena, and many more.

We are happy to receive more suggestions – you can either join the discussion on Twitter (#nametherobots #DECIX), or comment on Facebook or LinkedIn. Or just send an email to newsletter@de-cix.net.

Naming suggestions are welcome till the end of May. We will choose the best suggestions, and the final decision will be made by voting at the DE-CIX TechMeeting on 6 June in Frankfurt. The person whose suggestion was chosen will of course get a little present. What shape the present takes will depend on whether you are able to visit us in Frankfurt to have a look at the robots yourself.