22 February 2021

Ruhr-CIX is ready for service

Ruhr-CIX is now operational and ready for customers. Established jointly by the Ruhr region cities of Dortmund, Bochum, and Gelsenkirchen, Ruhr-CIX is located at the data centers of regional Internet companies DOKOM21GELSEN-NET, and TMR, which are interconnected via a high-speed optic fiber ring. Through the direct connection to DE-CIX, Ruhr-CIX is also part of our global digital ecosystem.

The new interconnection hub increases the digitalization and networking capabilities of the area, benefiting both companies and end users. Beyond peering, Ruhr-CIX offers other connectivity possibilities including dedicated connectivity to cloud service providers.

Part of the DE-CIX as a Service program

Ruhr-CIX is part of our DE-CIX as a Service program designed for partners to create their own Internet Exchange and interconnection platform with our fully pre-configured and standardized technical set-up and coupled with sales and marketing support. With our partners, we aim to strengthen digital value creation, expand the infrastructure, and attract new Internet companies to the Ruhr region.