9 March 2021

Our top resellers 2020: Globenet, RETN, and Türk Telekom International

Our partners are a key part of our interconnection ecosystem, and they help us to grow both in terms of geographical reach and participant numbers. Our reseller partners provide access to our platform and connecting via them is possible in more than 500 cities from over 80 countries worldwide.

Our reseller partners connect hundreds of networks to DE-CIX Internet Exchanges. In 2020, GlobeNet, RETN, and Türk Telecom International were our top three resellers, together connecting a large number of networks to our exchanges. Find out more about them below. 

GlobeNet – connecting the Americas 

GlobeNet is a wholesale telecommunications provider that connects the Americas with a comprehensive portfolio of Capacity, IP, Colo / IX and Security services. Its low latency data and IT solutions are supported by an award-winning, ultra-resilient 26,000-kilometer subsea system and data center infrastructure in the USA, Bermuda, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, and Argentina.

GlobeNet has made it to the top 3 DE-CIX Reseller Partners for the second consecutive year, proving once again that Latin-American networks can rely on its resilient infrastructure to connect to the main interconnection hubs at DE-CIX New York and DE-CIX Frankfurt in an extremely cost-efficient and automated manner.

RETN – connecting Europe and Asia

RETN is the fastest growing independent Eurasian provider of IP transit and network services, with a unique capability to connect Europe and Asia. Operating its own Eurasian network, running through Western Europe, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, and onwards to the Chinese border, RETN offers differentiated terrestrial connectivity between these major markets. RETN’s longstanding partnership with DE-CIX has constantly evolved over the years, nowadays RETN connects an impressive number of customers to the Exchanges in Frankfurt, Madrid, Marseille, and New York at more than 300 on-net PoPs.

Türk Telekom International (TTI) – bridging continents

TTI is a leading telecommunication operator in Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey, Caucasus, Middle-East, and Asia. They provide a full range of Internet/data, infrastructure, and wholesale voice services to incumbents, alternative carriers, mobile operators, cable TV companies, Internet Service Providers, content providers and corporate customers. TTI has been a DE-CIX Reseller Partner since 2015, and provides access to the DE-CIX Exchanges in Frankfurt and Istanbul, connecting customers from across Eastern Europe. With multiple 100Gs connected to DE-CIX, TTI has provided critical support to DE-CIX and its growth plans in the Eastern European markets.

Without our partners we would not be where we are today

We would like to thank all of our reseller partners, and our top 3 resellers in particular, for the cooperation in growing our interconnection ecosystems together. Without you, we would not be where we are today.