19 June 2019

Now live: Location-based redistribution control via the route servers

We’re happy to announce that location-based redistribution control via our route servers is now possible at the DE-CIX locations where we offer the GlobePEER Remote service (except Berlin and Moscow). With this new feature, we’ve added the possibility to control the redistribution of advertised prefixes not only on ASN basis but also on geolocation basis.

Using the DE-CIX GlobePEER Remote service, it is possible to peer remotely at other DE-CIX Internet Exchanges. This offers networks access to many additional networks – but when using remote peering, networks often wish to optimize their traffic flow by making use of additional traffic engineering. Redistribution control on ASN basis with operational BGP communities has been possible for quite some time at the DE-CIX route servers, and the new feature also allows inbound traffic control also based on geolocation.

Inbound traffic control with operational BGP communities

DE-CIX already tags every route processed by its route servers with the following types of location information of the peer that is announcing the route:

  • The DE-CIX switch node where the announcing peer is connected
  • The DE-CIX metro where the announcing peer is located
  • The country where the announcing peer is located
  • The continent where the announcing peer is located

With this information, networks can build route policies to steer their outgoing traffic based on the provided location information. With the new feature, you can restrict the redistribution of your routes using the same parameters that the route servers already tag: switch node, metro region, country, and continent.

Let’s have a look at New York as an example: If you tag a prefix with 65222:2000, it is not announced in NY. If you tag it with 0:$RS-AS 65212:2000 it is announced in NY only.

More information and how to use both features can be found here.

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