30 April 2019

Now live: Beta version of the new customer portal

We are happy to announce that the beta release of our customer portal is now online – welcome to the new DE-CIX customer portal!

The usability of the customer portal was increased, and the new technical setup is the basis for integrating new features, which will happen in due course. You can reach the new customer portal here.

Please note that this is a beta release, so there may be some bugs and not all features of the current portal are life yet. However, the new portal is fully functional, it is not a test scenario. If you make a request, a MAC change for example, this is a real change, not a test!

If you have any comments, questions, suggestions for improvements, or if you find a bug, please use the feedback button in the portal and let us know your thoughts – we really appreciate your feedback! 

The old customer portal will stay live for some time until we will switch completely to the new customer portal. We will inform you well enough in advance.

Please use the new customer portal from now on. If you want something to start with: Download the new white paper on how to optimize the usage of GlobePEER and GlobePEER Remote here.