3 September 2019

Now available: Analyze your peering traffic and traffic relationships

The DE-CIX Service Insights System is now available in the new DE-CIX customer portal (beta version). While the Service Insights System in the old portal was only available for Frankfurt and New York, it is now available for all DE-CIX Exchanges in Europe (except our partner Exchanges Berlin and Moscow) and the United States. 

Service Insights: Analyze traffic relationships with up to five peers

With the Service Insights System, networks can easily analyze the traffic that goes in or out of the GlobePEER service. You can select your port if you have more than one, the IP version of the traffic, if you want a packet per second or bits per second view, and the timeframe by selecting dates, selecting pre-defined values, or clicking in the navigation bar. In and out traffic are shown, and the minimum, maximum, and average values for the selected traffic are automatically calculated.

In addition, you can analyze your traffic relationships with up to five peers. The same selection criteria are available as those for the overall GlobePEER service, and if you select more than one peer, the in and out traffic values are shown simultaneously.

Check it out and analyze your traffic here (login required).