25 November 2020

New white paper: New interconnection markets in Southeast Asia

Recently, we commissioned TeleGeography to look into the interconnection markets in Southeast Asia and as a result, we are happy to present our latest white paper “New interconnection markets in Southeast Asia”.

The research establishes without a doubt that Singapore is the regional hub and some networks in Southeast Asia have excessive dependence on the city-state. This has resulted in increasing demand for more widely distributed carrier and data center neutral interconnection infrastructure and created new opportunities in other frontier markets in the region such as Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bangkok, Manila, and Hanoi. Other parts of the world have gone through similar transformations and creating a Southeast Asia wide regional interconnection ecosystem is a natural next step.

Getting closer to the users

This shift will not reduce the need for strong hubs like Singapore, but rather supplement that need with greater edge peering, networking, and computing resources. This paves the infrastructure path for content and applications to get as close as possible to the users, increasing the quality of services.

Demand for interconnection growing

There is already a strong demand for high quality low-latency gaming and streaming service throughout Southeast Asia and network advancements like 5G will only make the demand greater. Download the white paper now to find out how widely distributed interconnection infrastructure can supplement strong existing hubs.

The white paper was commissioned by DE-CIX and researched and written by the neutral telecommunications analyst TeleGeography. The white paper was launched at a virtual event on Tuesday.

  • Download the “New interconnection markets in Southeast Asia” white paper.