17 November 2020

New ticket system for customer service request

This week we introduced a new ticket system for customer service requests. As an existing DE-CIX customer, you can use your DE-CIX customer portal account credentials to login to the new Jira Service Desk portal.

The new system allows you to open new requests and view existing ones without emailing or calling us. You can also set the urgency of your request, get detailed information about it, and view the status. You can even share the request with your colleagues.

Existing requests have been migrated to the new system

We have migrated all the existing requests in the old system to the new one. Once you receive the next update from us, this will be in a new style and your ticket has a new number. The update will include a link to view your request in the Jira Service Desk portal.

If you prefer, you can still call and email the DE-CIX Customer Service team to open new requests.

For more information about the new ticket system, please see our FAQs on the customer portal.