15 February 2022

New services available at DE-CIX Moscow and St. Petersburg

Our customers can now take benefit of more interconnection options: VirtualPNI and DirectCLOUD services are now available at our locations in Moscow and St. Peterburg. You can now connect privately both locally in Russia, as well as remotely to and from Frankfurt, and customers in Russia have access to our Cloud Exchange in Frankfurt.

In addition, to support ongoing demand, the redundant bandwidth between DE-CIX Frankfurt and Moscow has been tripled.

A cloud ecosystem

Our cloud ecosystem is a unique community of certified partners, working together to ensure secure, resilient, and reliable access to the cloud. The DirectCLOUD service offers a direct connection to cloud service providers, bypassing the Internet, with guaranteed bandwidth and security against DDoS. The DirectCLOUD connection can also be used to link to other ISPs in order to use their services, e.g. IP transit, infrastructure, and network capabilities.

Connect privately with VirtualPNI

Our VirtualPNI service allows you to establish virtual private connections. The connection can be provisioned easily, between any two points within a metro region and remotely from Moscow and St Petersburg to Frankfurt and vice versa. Use it for MPLS connections, enterprise network traffic, or the selling of transit or paid peering.