29 October 2019

New service: DE-CIX FlexPOP – Be where customers need you

The new DE-CIX FlexPOP service offers carriers the opportunity to use DE-CIX's infrastructure: At every DE-CIX PoP, carriers can create virtual PoPs, allowing them to increase their on-net coverage without the need to invest in their own infrastructure. 

Adding PoPs without expensive CAPEX & OPEX investment 

Adding new PoPs usually takes a long time and is expensive. With DE-CIX FlexPOP, carriers can connect to their customer from/at any DE-CIX PoP, without needing to build up their own PoPs. 
By using the DE-CIX infrastructure, carriers 

  • have full metro coverage and increase their on-net presence in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Dusseldorf, as well as in Madrid and Lisbon; additional locations will follow
  • decrease provisioning time
  • minimize unused prepaid transport inventory
  • optimize CAPEX/OPEX

The service is available in two independent infrastructure zones: In the German market, where carriers can get instant access to 50+ PoPs, and on the Iberian Peninsula, between DE-CIX Madrid and DE-CIX Lisbon. More information about the new service can be found here. 

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