23 September 2021

New peaks at DE-CIX Internet Exchanges

During the past couple of months there have been several traffic peaks at our Internet Exchanges. There can be many reasons for the peaks, and we cannot really pinpoint the jumps to any particular event. But having said that, the peaks tend to coincide with big sporting events, new product or software releases, or major events like elections. As the the winter season when people spend more time indoors is just around the corner, we are interested to see how things develop.

But first, here are the peak highlights of this summer.

Dallas 292 Gbps

DE-CIX Dallas is the largest Open-IX certified and first data center-neutral Internet Exchange in Dallas. As we are about to reach 100 connected networks in Dallas, the traffic has also been growing steadily, with a peak of 292 Gigabits per second (Gbps) in August.

Dubai 274 Gbps

Last year, UAE-IX saw a peak traffic increase of 40 percent, with collaboration tools and gaming data traffic increasing by 100 percent, and streaming traffic increasing by 50 percent. This summer, we had a new peak of 274 Gbps, and the exchange currently connects over 80 networks.

Dusseldorf 295 Gbps

Dusseldorf has been closing in on the 300 Gbps mark for couple of months now, and the exchange now connects over 250 networks. At DE-CIX, we are watching Dallas and Dusseldorf closely – and bets are on to see which one reaches 300 Gbps first.

Frankfurt 10.4 Tbps

With over 1,000 networks, Frankfurt is one of the largest Internet Exchanges in the world, and the exchange crossed the 10 Terabits per second line last year. Last week, we had a jump from 10.3 to 10.4 Tbps. 

Frankfurt traffic chart
Monthly traffic chart from DE-CIX Frankfurt 

Hamburg 224 Gbps

Hamburg has been enjoying steady growth of traffic and connected networks, and in August we changed over from the old /24 network to a new bigger /23 network. Last week, the exchange, which connects over 200 networks, reached a new peak of 224 Gbps.

Madrid 705 Gbps

Madrid is celebrating its fifth birthday this year, and the exchange connects more than 200 networks – an increase of 233 percent in just five years. The data traffic figures are also impressive, having increased by 50 percent in the past year, with current peak traffic already exceeding 700 Gpbs.

Munich 129 Gbps

In Munich, we also upgraded to a new /23 network back in July. The traffic and the connected networks have grown steadily, with a current peak of 129 Gpbs and over 200 customers.