3 February 2021

New partnership with Stuttgart-IX: A gateway to the clouds

We are happy to announce a new partnership with Stuttgart-IX, the Internet Exchange for the Stuttgart metropolitan region. Thanks to this union, we are able to provide access to the DE-CIX Cloud Exchange and offer new interconnection options in the Stuttgart area. Stuttgart-IX will be connected to DE-CIX in Frankfurt via a direct, redundant connection, enabling access to national and international cloud and business platforms, such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and more. Enterprises in particular can benefit from this direct exchange of data via the DE-CIX interconnection platform regarding the growing demand for expanding company-own digital infrastructure in order to exchange business-critical data more quickly and securely.

Peering in the heart of Stuttgart 

Stuttgart-IX, which is operated by a group of volunteering network engineers, offers its members a way to exchange data as fast and locally as possible while encouraging a neutral community of network operators in the Stuttgart and Baden-Wuerttemberg region.   

A win for everyone 

Not only will this cooperation offer regional enterprises a variety of clouds, but local Internet service providers will also be able to expand their portfolio of direct connections outside the region and welcome new interconnection opportunities.