16 February 2021

New enabled site in Chicago

DE-CIX Chicago was launched in December and we have already extended our presence in the windy city to 365 Data Centers at the company’s facility at 427 S. LaSalle. This is our first enabled site at 365 Data Centers and the first Internet Exchange available at their facility in Chicago. 

Extending our reach in the Midwest 

365 Data Centers is a leading provider of network-centric colocation and other Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions. Their network of connected data centers extends our reach beyond the Chicago metro market: 365 Data Centers’ customers throughout the Midwest can now leverage the variety of interconnection services available at DE-CIX Chicago. 

Reach hundreds of networks 

DE-CIX Chicago is ready for service and the first networks are connected. The exchange is interconnected to our exchanges in New York and Dallas, which means you can reach hundreds of more networks in North America and beyond.