22 July 2021

New DE-CIX portal with self-service features

We have just launched the new DE-CIX portal (beta), which contains new self-service features enabling you to order, configure, and cancel interconnection services, and chat directly with the Customer Service team. We are excited to make this huge step into an automated, self-service interconnection customer portal together with you, where you can manage everything you need – in one place, when you need it.

Automated provisioning

The new portal is the place where we step into fully automated provisioning and configuring of customers’ interconnection services. You can now order new or change existing interconnection services whenever you need to – and these changes are made instantly. This massively improves the process of how you can manage your services – you can order, configure, or change peering (GlobePEER and GlobePEER Remote) and cloud services (DirectCLOUD for MS Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and IBM), with more services coming on line in the next while.

Help us improve the portal

The new portal is in the beta phase because we are working heavily on improving the portal further by adding and enhancing features. Nevertheless, everything you order or change is implemented instantly. We want to give you the opportunity to work with the portal already, and we want to use your feedback to improve it further.

Check out the new DE-CIX portal at https://portal-beta.de-cix.net; you can log in with your existing customer portal login credentials. The short video below explains how to login.

DE-CIX Portal Explained

If you do not have login credentials yet, please reach out to DE-CIX Customer Service. If you have any questions, use our chat functionality in the new DE-CIX portal or contact us on the usual communication channels.