26 November 2019

New DE-CIX Munich enabled site: StackIT

The StackIT data center DC 10 in Ostermiething, Austria, will become a new DE-CIX-enabled site for DE-CIX Munich. The DC 10 data center, strategically positioned between Munich and Salzburg, will be connected to DE-CIX Munich with two redundant dark fibers. As soon as the implementation has been completed, connected networks in Ostermiething can use all DE-CIX services and have access to the networks that peer at DE-CIX Munich. More than 150 networks peer in Munich, and the exchange just recently came close to 100 Gbit/s peak traffic. In addition, networks connected in Ostermiething get remote access to services and networks at many more DE-CIX locations, e.g. at DE-CIX Frankfurt. 

Data exchange across national borders 

After Pfalzkom and TelemaxX, StackIT is the third data center operator to become a DE-CIX-enabled site outside of traditional metro regions. With StackIT as the latest DE-CIX-enabled site, DE-CIX Munich is the first IX to combine enabled sites of two countries in one exchange. A mere 100 kilometers lie between Munich and Ostermiething in Austria, crossing a national border; in data traffic speed, it is only takes a millisecond, and it makes no difference for the data if a border is crossed. In interconnection terms, metro regions grow closer together. 

StackIT as part of Schwarz Group 

StackIT is the Schwarz Group's digital umbrella brand for IT services. StackIT belong to the Schwarz IT KG, the group's central IT service provider, and includs the retail divisions Lidl and Kaufland. In addition to 20,000 servers with more than 22.5 PB storage, they operate 1.4 million network ports and one of the world's largest SAP retail systems.