19 May 2022

New case study: Winning as a team

Collaboration between i3D.net and DE-CIX, as the operator of the UAE-IX Internet Exchange in Dubai, has opened new worlds for online gamers in the Middle East. As one of the most successful hosting platforms for the gaming industry, i3D.net had long recognized the potential of the region. Working in cooperation, the companies won over telecom providers and system integrators to the idea of building a gaming ecosystem in the Middle East.

Every millisecond counts

Online games are real-time applications and require short latency times – every millisecond counts. A few years ago, this was not possible in the Middle East, as data that had been generated locally had to be forwarded through Internet Exchanges in Europe. As a result, the gamers in the Middle East faced high latencies and a bad user experience.

Read more in the case study

Download our case study to find out about the success of the gaming ecosystem – how we reduced latency by up to 80 percent and how customers can now reach more than 80 percent of end users in the Middle East. Now, many new games are immediately offered in their own Arabic localization upon release and hosted directly by i3D.net in the region.