29 October 2020

New: Blackholing Advanced and Blackholing Insights

Our Blackholing service helps our customers to mitigate the effects of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks against their networks. It has been a very popular tool and we have had many requests from our customers to extend the functionalities. We are now happy to announce Blackholing Advanced and Blackholing Insights available now as beta versions at DE-CIX Frankfurt to help you to optimize your response to an attack, and get up to date information about it.

Blackholing Advanced – optimize your response to DDoS attacks

Standard Blackholing removes unwanted traffic completely from your port. By doing so, you lose the ability to gather traffic statistics to see when traffic patterns change, for example when a DDoS attack is over. The Blackholing Advanced mechanism allows you to shape the traffic routed to the blackholed prefix letting you inspect the traffic while protecting your infrastructure from congestion. This visibility enables you to announce and withdraw Blackholing routes in a more efficient way, optimizing your response to the DDoS attack.

Analyze dropped traffic with Blackholing Insights

Blackholing Insights allows you to analyze the dropped traffic in detail. It gives you statistics of the last hour of traffic going towards the prefixes with active Blackholing rules, helping you to understand where a DDoS attack is coming from, if the attack is still ongoing, if attack parameters changed, and what traffic is affected by your Blackholing setup.

Get insights to the highest rate of traffic from the last hour, traffic in bits per second and packets per second, packet source world map, and much more. You can access your Blackholing statistics by login into the DE-CIX Customer portal.

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