25 February 2020

New all-time peak at DE-CIX Frankfurt: 8.3 Tbps

Shortly after reaching the world records of more than 7 Terabits per second peak traffic in September 2019 and more than 8 Terabits per second in December 2019, DE-CIX Frankfurt reached a new all-time traffic peak of 8.3 Terabits per second on 11 February. We did not celebrate the new peak with cake like the last one, but for sure we will order one when we hit 9 Terabits per second! Due to the traffic developments in the last few years and the expected seasonal waves, we expect this to happen probably more towards the end of 2020 – but you never know. However, we are in joyful anticipation of a different record we expect to break sooner: the number of networks connected to and peering at DE-CIX Frankfurt. 

When will we reach 1,000 networks? 

In our 25th anniversary year, the network count at DE-CIX Frankfurt as of 25 February 2020 currently lies at 972: – 950 actively peering networks and 22 in the process of connecting. Perhaps we will reach the magical 1,000 networks mark right in time for our Technical Meeting and 25th Anniversary Party on 26 June in Cologne? Keep your fingers crossed. 
If we are able to reach 1,000 networks in time for our Anniversary Party, we will definitely have a nice surprise for the 1,000th network. We look forward to celebrating the anniversary with you, and before the party starts, also to discussing technical topics with you during the TechMeeting on 26 June – save the date! Invitations will follow soon. 

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