20 February 2019

New all-time peak at DE-CIX Frankfurt: 6.8 Tbps

On Tuesday evening, DE-CIX Frankfurt reached a new all-time peak of 6.8 Tbps. The picture of the peak shows an unusual traffic pattern, and our assumption is that the new peak would be in relation to the UEFA Champions League football game Bayern Munich versus Liverpool

The history of traffic peaks at DE-CIX shows that peaks very often relate to major operating systems updates like Apple’s IOS updates or significant sports events like the Handball World Cup (probably responsible for the last traffic peak at DE-CIX Hamburg in January 2019) or, like yesterday in Frankfurt, Champions League games. 

Traffic growth patterns at DE-CIX

While streaming of live sports events and IOS updates are likely to generate new traffic peaks at DE-CIX,  traffic development follows a seasonal rhythm, moving in waves. During summer, Internet usage is lower, because people are outside more often. As soon as it is getting colder, they go back inside and traffic rises.

Looking at the growing number of connected networks at DE-CIX, the traffic does not seem to rise in proportion. We are often asked why, and one important reason is: Networks connected to DE-CIX not only exchange traffic via the DE-CIX platform. The presence of DE-CIX in a metro region always creates a center of gravity, an interconnection ecosystem, where networks not only can connect to DE-CIX, but  also find themselves in close proximity to a number of networks with whom, in addition to peering via the DE-CIX platform, they can exchange traffic privately via direct connections.

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