24 May 2019

Mumbai-IX offers 100GE access – Cloudflare among first customers

Following the increasing customer demand for more data capacity, Mumbai-IX has started to offer 100GE access at all enabled data centers in Mumbai. Among the first customers upgrading to 100GE is the US-based Internet performance and security company Cloudflare. 

Added to the DE-CIX family as a joint venture in late 2017, Mumbai-IX made has become the largest Internet Exchange in the most important Internet gateway for the Indian sub-continent. Currently, 160 ASNs peer at Mumbai-IX. Compared to 2017, the total connected customer capacity rose by 106 percent to more than 650 Gbits in 2018 and is expected to reach 1 Terabit by the end of 2019.

In addition to Mumbai-IX, DE-CIX operates three more Internet Exchanges in India: DE-CIX Delhi, DE-CIX Kolkata, and DE-CIX Chennai.