2 June 2020

Microsoft Azure Peering Service now available – learn more in our white papers

DE-CIX partnered with Microsoft globally to to provide a dedicated and controlled direct connection to the Microsoft network with the benefits of high availability and low latency. The Microsoft Azure Peering Service enables customers to directly to connect to Microsoft SaaS services such as Office 365.

How enterprises benefit from direct access to Microsoft

Enterprise connectivity needs are increasing. They are shifting from on-premise IT systems to platform-based models in which they take part in ecosystems to share data and intelligence, and assemble solutions with third-party components. Which need to be simultaneously accessible everywhere, on every device.

Download our white paper “How enterprises benefit from direct access to Microsoft” to find out how your enterprise can benefit from a direct, secure way to the Microsoft Azure cloud services, with low latency and bypassing the public Internet.

Deep dive into technical detail

Our second white paper on the topic, “How to set up the Microsoft Azure Peering Service” dives into details of how the Azure Peering service is used, and what the differences are to other setups and paths to Microsoft’s infrastructure. You will learn about the benefits of using the service, and we also explain the general setup and specific details, using DE-CIX Frankfurt as an example. 

Download the white paper now to see how the service improves user experience by offering the shortest network path to the nearest edge POP in the Microsoft network.

  • Download "How enterprises benefit from direct access to Microsoft" white paper
  • Download "How to set up the Microsoft Office Azure Peering Service" technical white paper