29 July 2019

Major infrastructure upgrade at DE-CIX New York

As orders for 100GE ports increased by 70 percent in 2018, it was time for a major infrastructure upgrade at DE-CIX New York. Five years after the first data packets were exchanged, three additional sites were made 100GE ready: 325 Hudson Street and 85 10th Avenue in Manhattan, NYC, and 2 Emerson Lane in Secaucus, NJ. In the DE-CIX August newsletter, we will share some more details and pictures of this major upgrade.

A full list of all enabled sites and the 100+ access points can be found here.

1025Connect: A visit a the latest DE-CIX New York enabled site 

During the infrastructure upgrade, our Network Engineer on-site, Daniel Spierling, also visited 1025Connect, the latest DE-CIX New York enabled site, delivering and later installing the DE-CIX-enabled site sign. 1025Connect represents the easternmost access point for DE-CIX New York, offering access to global submarine cable systems that land on Long Island. 

220+ networks and a /22 netmask

Prior to the infrastructure upgrade, at the beginning of 2019, the netmask at DE-CIX New York had to be changed from a /24 to a /22 due to the ongoing growth. Today, more than 220 networks peer at DE-CIX New York, which has developed into the fastest-growing and largest IX based on connected networks in the New York metro area. Over 30 percent of the networks peering at DE-CIX New York are only available in North America via DE-CIX New York. 

More information about DE-CIX’s IXs in North America can be found in the DE-CIX Annual Report 2019.

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