9 March 2022

Low latency connection between Brazil and Southern Europe

A year ago, we announced our partnership with EllaLink, the high-capacity and low latency fibre-optic submarine cable directly connecting Latin America and Europe. We are excited to tell you that we now provide access for EllaLink customers to the largest carrier and data center neutral interconnection ecosystem in Southern Europe, through our Internet Exchanges in Lisbon, Madrid, and Marseille, and all the way to DE-CIX Frankfurt.

Better Internet experience

EllaLink reinforces the importance of a new gateway to Europe. Through the connection between Latin America and Europe, the latency between the two continents has been decreased by close to 50 percent, from 100+ milliseconds to ca. 60 milliseconds, compared to other routes. This means that companies on both sides of the Atlantic are enable to make content available with increased security and low latency, contributing to a better Internet experience for end users.

A third partner is also involved, Group IP Telecom, who enables connection from customers located in Brazil to the transport ecosystem and Internet Exchanges in Europe, as well as access to unique Internet service and content provider networks and enterprise networks connected to DE-CIX.