7 August 2020

IPFIX Export now available at DE-CIX Frankfurt

At DE-CIX Frankfurt, IP Flow Information (IPFIX) Export is now available as a beta version. The IPFIX Export functionality allows you to access information about data flow activity on your physical network access. The data will give you more detailed insights into traffic characteristics for administrative or other purposes. 

The IPFIX data is generated across the entire DE-CIX Frankfurt peering platform. We filter for your desired MAC address to extract your subset of IPFIX data, i.e. traffic to and from your physical access. This means that you do not receive flow information on every 10,000th packet on your access, but flow information on every 10,000th packet that we sampled and that belongs to your physical access.

Run the data in your own programs and do your own analysis

While the information we show you in the Service Insights System is already visualized, the IPFIX data is machine-readable, offering you multiple possibilities to use it. You can for example run the data in your own programs and do your own analysis, save the data, or build your own graphs. The exported data is encrypted according to DTLS 1.2 standard.

More information about how to use the export functionality and the web interface, can be found in our Customer Portal (available only to DE-CIX Frankfurt customers).