12 June 2019

Introducing our two new patch robots: Sir Patchalot and Margaret Patcher

Patchy McPatchbot, the first patch robot at an Internet Exchange worldwide, is getting company – and you helped us to choose their names. At the DE-CIX TechMeeting on 6 June in Frankfurt, an overwhelming majority decided that the two new patch robot names are Sir Patchalot and Margaret Patcher!

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who took part and sent us name suggestions. Sir Patchalot was first suggested by someone from the DE-CIX team, and Margaret Patcher was suggested from someone via Twitter. We are preparing surprise gifts for both of them, and we will report about it in the next DE-CIX newsletter.

Patchy has been in operation at DE-CIX since the infrastructure migration from the old DE-CIX FRA7 site to the new DE-CIX FRA12 site in Frankfurt in 2018. It simplifies the provisioning and upgrading of customer ports and performs this within minutes, without the need for a technician to directly physically intervene. 

We are happy to soon have a whole patch work family, assisting us in getting you connected as fast as possible – happy peering!