16 July 2020

Introducing DirectCLOUD Flex – your flexible way into the cloud

Our DirectCLOUD service offers you a dedicated connection to the cloud. You can use your DE-CIX access to connect to several cloud service providers; simply via an VLAN to the DE-CIX Cloud Exchange.

But what if you want to connect multiple customers to the cloud with the possibility to set up new connections daily or even hourly? Or if you want to offer test connections to your customers without the hassle of an order process for every single connection?

To make your, and your customers’ journey into the cloud as straightforward as possible, we have launched a new DirectCLOUD Flex service.

Change and add cloud service providers whenever you want

With DirectCLOUD Flex, you order a certain bandwidth (5, 10, or even 100 GE), and within that bandwidth, you can set up as many cloud connections as you want. You can set the connections up or cancel them as often as you want, and you can add as many new ones as you want every day, as long as all the connections together do not exceed the overall ordered bandwidth.

Our unique cloud ecosystem

There are more than 50 clouds available in our Cloud Exchange, and you can choose new ones, or add additional ones, on a daily basis. Our unique and growing ecosystem of certified partners are working together to provide you end-to-end connectivity and secure access to the cloud.

With the help of our Cloud Exchange, you can support your customers to future-proof their business to manage growing data volumes and new applications.

DirectCLOUD Flex is currently available at our exchanges in Germany. If you have already ordered multiple cloud connections and want to change to the Flex option, please contact us.