1 July 2019

Introducing: DE-CIX VirtualPNI

For many years now, customers could easily establish virtual private connections on the DE-CIX platform. When the MetroVLAN service was first introduced, it was only possible to establish E-Lines, virtual point-to-point connections, within the metro region of an Exchange – e.g. between any two points of the DE-CIX-enabled sites at DE-CIX Frankfurt. But the name is no longer suitable for the quality of service offered.

Nowadays, with the VirtualPNI service, you cannot only establish virtual private connections within a metro region but also between metro regions. It can be used for MPLS connections, enterprise network traffic, or selling of transit or paid peering. You can save on Capex and Opex as no additional equipment is needed, and you can easily extend the reach of your own network by using the DE-CIX infrastructure.

VirtualPNI benefits

  • Flexible bandwidths from 100 Mbps up to 100 GE, depending on location
  • Multiple VLANs to single destination ports or to multiple destination ports using different q-tags
  • Different VLAN IDs on both sides 
  • Adjustable MTU size (9000 bytes maximum; default MTU size is 1534 bytes)
  • Implementation within two working days
  • 24/7/365 support
  • Easy bandwidth upgrades 
  • No additional cross connect costs

The service is available at all DE-CIX exchanges except Dubai, Moscow, and the IXs in India.

More information can be found on the VirtualPNI service page.