29 April 2021

Enterprises at Internet Exchanges

As enterprises from all industries globally are becoming more and more reliant on digital technologies, having a resilient, secure, and well-performing network connection is business-critical. An increasing number of enterprises from segments like healthcare, finance, retail, and automotive have been discovering the benefits of connecting with their digital value chain via an Internet Exchange.

Guaranteed network performance

Internet Exchanges have traditionally been seen as locations where companies from the telecommunications sector – such as carriers, Internet service providers, content networks, and content delivery networks – interconnect to exchange data. Now we are starting to see an increasing number of participants joining from other industries. By joining Internet Exchanges, enterprises are re-gaining control over their traffic engineering and taking advantage of interconnection services such as peering, cloud connectivity, and Closed User Groups

Connecting directly and redundantly to the required applications and content networks guarantees great network performance and the highest level of security possible. Doing this via a highly secure, high-performance Internet Exchange means that the demand for resilience, security, and fast reaction times can be fulfilled in a simplified manner and – backed by Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Automotive is paving the way

The automotive industry, in particular, has already started reaping the benefits of interconnection over Internet Exchanges. The digital car is a prime example of a digital product – one where the manufacturers simply cannot afford to cut corners on the performance, resilience, or security of their networks. The efficacy and the privacy of their connections to other networks to exchange data are paramount to the provisioning of the many services and features that make the digital car what it is, and any lapses will impact strongly and immediately on the reputation of the brand.

Discover more in an article “Hello Car: Future-proofing industries through interconnection ecosystems – the digital car as a model” by Ivo Ivanov, CEO DE-CIX International.