28 August 2019

Infrastructure upgrade at DE-CIX Dusseldorf

In August, we upgraded the infrastructure at our Internet Exchange in Dusseldorf. 

With now more than 120 active ASNs peering at the exchange and a peak traffic of more than 100G, it was time to add more capacity. An existing Nokia SR-7 with a capacity of about 1 Terabit was exchanged with a Nokia SR-2s with a capacity of almost 10 Terabit. The upgrade took place at the Interxion data center in Dusseldorf, which was the first DE-CIX-enabled site in Dusseldorf back in 2016.

The upgrade comes only four months after the first 100GE customer went live and caused a new all-time traffic peak. Together with the new DE-CIX-enabled sites we’ve added in 2018, access to DE-CIX Dusseldorf is now possible at five DE-CIX-enabled data centers in the metro region, and of course at multiple additional access sites via transport solutions.

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