20 October 2020

Improved IX-API version 2 is here

The new improved universal provisioning and configuration API now includes cloud connection capabilities, private VLAN, and closed user groups. This improves productivity and provisioning of services, as our customers can self-manage their existing and new interconnection services more effectively.

Automatically provision and configure dedicated cloud connectivity

With the IX-API version 2, you can now programmatically set up and control not only peering services, but also cloud connectivity – transforming our interconnection ecosystem into a software-defined Internet and cloud exchange. At DE-CIX, the first customers are already using version 2 to automatically provision and configure dedicated cloud connectivity to cloud service providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and the Google Cloud platform.

More to come

Developed jointly by the leading Internet Exchange operators AMS-IX, LINX, and DE-CIX, the first version of the IX-API was launched a year ago. The new version 2 was launched at the European Peering Forum in September. Further improvements are being planned to include additional monitoring and statistical functions.