27 April 2020

How enterprises manage digital transformation

During the last DE-CIX Virtual Get-together, a question was raised as to how enterprises manage digital transformation and whether we have observed any changes. The interconnection landscape has been changing for some years now, and we can clearly say that it is the digital transformation of enterprises – and our societies as a whole – that is driving these changes.

Traditionally, the Internet Exchange business was mostly about peering – enabling networks to connect to each other and to exchange data. Peering still is the main interconnection driver at Internet Exchanges, but increasing digitalization of enterprises has led to a demand for new solutions and services. This also means that Internet Exchanges are working closely with Internet Service providers (ISPs), data centers and cloud service providers – our customers and partners – to bring about these new services.

Workloads are shifting to the cloud

Digitalization is not just a strategy, but a whole new way of doing business. Innovative technologies are creating new markets and new players that are challenging the traditional business models. Access to networks, cloud, and data centers is as essential as the provision of electricity was for the industrial era. How enterprises are connected to the digital world has therefore become a strategic decision instead of being just a technical issue.

Interconnection is the key

Limited productivity, user frustration, unreachable applications, interrupted webinars, reduced conversions, and buffering times during video streaming – these are all issues related to not having control over your connectivity. Enterprises are becoming increasingly aware of this, and this is where we, as the providers of interconnection ecosystems, cloud ecosystems, and multiple interconnection services, can offer them cutting-edge solutions, together with our customers – the ISPs and data centers. Together, we enable enterprises to digitalize, and to move forward into a new interconnection era.

We are working on a white paper that is diving deeper into the needs and challenges that enterprises face in the process of digitalization. If you would like to be informed when we publish it, please subscribe to our white paper mailing list.