3 December 2020

Helping customers has that winning feeling

With working with range of customers, Wim Hendrickx, Director of Network Consulting Engineering and PLN at Nokia gets to see variety of problems. And finding solutions to those problems is what he likes most about his job.

Wim helped us to develop the multi-terabit platforms that keep traffic flowing at our Internet Exchanges. In our interview, Wim talks about the rewarding feeling of having an impact and helping customers to succeed.

Connecting the world

When he first met with us, Nokia did not have a product nor focus on Internet Exchanges. But connectivity is what DE-CIX and Nokia are both about – defining and building products to allow multiple services to be transported through the Internet in a very high quality and reliable fashion, is what both companies aim to do.

Aligned missions

Today Nokia is building the largest routers that you can get on the market and these are also the backbone of DE-CIX’s platform. There are regular meetings with the DE-CIX and Nokia team where we look forward into the future, to make sure that we are on the same page and keeping up with developments.

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