30 September 2019

GlobePEER Remote extended to Madrid, Lisbon, and Palermo

The last three DE-CIX exchanges in Southern Europe to be connected to the DE-CIX GlobePEER Remote service – Madrid, Lisbon, and Palermo – are now connected to the other DE-CIX Exchanges in Europe and in New York. With GlobePEER Remote, networks that are connected at either Madrid, Lisbon, or Palermo are now able to peer with all networks that are connected to DE-CIX in Germany (Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Dusseldorf), France (Marseille), Turkey (Istanbul) and the US (New York) – and vice versa, of course.

Madrid gains access to additional gateways 

While Lisbon and Palermo themselves are gateways for traffic between Africa and Europe, Madrid now gains access to not only to Frankfurt as a central hub in Europe, but also to Palermo and Marseille.  Palermo is the gateway to reach northern African networks, and Marseille is one of the global cloud hubs, and a gateway to the Middle East and Asia. 

Palermo strengthens its gateway position 

The integration of Palermo into the GlobePEER Remote service now offers networks in northern Africa – as well as local ISPs in Italy – easy access to a wide range of networks, as connecting to Palermo brings them directly to the 900+ networks at DE-CIX Frankfurt, the world’s leading Internet Exchange. 
IP traffic is expected to triple worldwide by 2021, and Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific have the strongest traffic growth rates. DE-CIX Palermo is situated just 5 - 15ms from North Africa, offering access and the lowest latency path to African, Middle Eastern, and Asian markets via multiple and diverse submarine cable systems. 

Door-opener to the world’s largest interconnection ecosystem 

Now that the GlobePEER Remote service has been enabled at these locations, networks connected there not only get access to the more than 900 ASNs that peer in Frankfurt, but they gain access to the largest carrier and data center-neutral interconnection ecosystem in the world. More than 1700 networks from almost 100 countries are connected to DE-CIX’s ecosystem of interconnected Internet Exchange platforms in order to peer, use cloud services, and more. Not to mention the fact that networks connected to the DE-CIX Exchanges in Germany, France, Turkey, and the US are now able to peer with networks connected in Madrid, Lisbon, and Palermo too. 
With our global DE-CIX Apollon platform, we are ready to assist the interconnection needs of our customers, now, and in the future. Connecting our Exchanges on the one hand, and driving forward interconnection automation on the other hand, will be for the benefit of every connected network.  
We look forward to accompanying you into the interconnection future. 

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