24 August 2020

Getting things done – a new PoP in Mumbai

In July we were pleased to announce a new point of presence (PoP) in Mumbai at Sify Technologies. Having the connection established with the new data center in Rabale was a big undertaking – and in the end, even the Head of Sales was needed to help the engineering team to get everything ready on time.

Before a new PoP is available for customers, there is a sizeable infrastructure project behind it: Cables need to be laid (also underground), hardware needs to be installed, coordination is necessary with data center partners and vendors, migration windows need to be planned, and the list goes on. And as everyone who has ever done an infrastructure project knows, there are always things that can go wrong, and often things have to be done in a last-minute rush to get it ready on time.

Going the extra mile

In Mumbai, we had to go the extra mile to get our second fiber link to the newly-connected Sify data center live. In fact, the last couple of meters of the fiber were missing.

This was a time when team work was more necessary than usual. Eager to get the project finished on time, Sudhir Kunder, our Head of Sales, sprang into action. He managed to get all the necessary people on the ground, and the work to lay the remaining meters of the cable start – at midnight. Sudhir stayed onsite until 4.30am and helped with digging and pulling the cables.

Our people are the backbone of the success story, and without the experience, knowledge, and passion of our employees, DE-CIX would not be what it is today.

Thank you Sudhir and the team in India for finishing this project!

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