14 July 2020

Future Internet – join the expert round table discussions

Interconnection is an enabler of innovation, new business models, and social developments. The way in which business is conducted via the Internet within and across entire sectors is constantly changing. New innovations and new business models are being invented that are disrupting whole industries. 

The expert round table series Future Internet, jointly organised by eco Akademie and German ict+ medienakademie, explores why, and more importantly how, companies of all sizes will need new, much more tailored network strategies to bring together customers, partners, suppliers, and devices.

Building new interconnection ecosystems

Covering topics from physical broadband infrastructure and network technologies to ICT management and interconnection, the meetings will bring together experts from the Internet industry to discuss how redesigning the Internet and interconnection ecosystems can help companies to excel.

The expert round table series Future Internet will start on Tuesday 18 August in Berlin, after which there are further events in Frankfurt (25 August), Nuremberg (8 September), Cologne (8 October), Munich (4 November), and Stuttgart (11 November). If the circumstances require, the meetings will take place online. Please note that the events are held in German.