25 June 2019

From cool stuff that works to Sir Patchalot and Margaret Patcher – DE-CIX TechMeeting 2019

We are sure everyone who was there agrees: This year’s DE-CIX TechMeeting was a blast. More than 100 network engineers, network architects, peering managers and the like joined us on 6 June in Frankfurt, and we spent an amazing day together. Fortunately, weather made for a drop in temperature of almost 10 degrees, so we could concentrate on inspiring presentations in a pleasant and not-too-hot environment. 

From 5G to traffic developments and DDoS prevention

The day started with a very interesting, and also funny presentation by Professor Frank Fitzek about 5G. He talked about what’s making 5G so important, and explained the 5G (r)evolution compared to 3G or 4G. His examples – on how tomorrow's energy patterns in cities will change, how robots can learn certain movements or processes with the help of humans, and how one can illustrate latency – were very impressive. And we found out, all you need to show the effect of latency: a small ball on a cord, a test person with virtual reality glasses, and someone who throws the ball.

Professor Fitzek's presentation was the starting point for very different topics, like the edge and content strategy of a global player, worldwide traffic developments, multi-cloud connectivity, new dimensions in DDoS protection, and standards for secure Internet routing. The presentations can be downloaded here.

World Café: Interconnection of the future

However different the topics seemed on the first glance, they all were related to interconnection and how we develop – as an IX, as networks, as enablers of an even more digital future. This culminated in the DE-CIX World Café session, where we talked about interconnection strategies and about what services can make our daily interconnection life easier. It turned out that many of us don’t have an overall interconnection strategy for the next five years but very often only for the next twelve to twenty-four months. Also strategy is sometimes just an adhoc development based on customer needs. Regarding useful tools, security features and all sorts of analytics and API interfaces were discussed. 

Looking Glass and customer portal

In addition to customer presentations, we gave a short overview and live demo of the new DE-CIX Looking Glass. It is amazing what you can analyze – if you haven't had a look yet, check it out here.
In addition, the new customer portal was introduced. The old portal will be shut down in Q3, and from Q4 on, we will start to integrate new features. The Service Insights System will also go live in the new portal in Q3, and not only for Frankfurt and New York, but for many more Exchanges (all except Berlin, Moscow, Dubai, and the Exchanges in India).

We appreciate the lively discussions, inspiring presentations, and all the networking sessions. We will work with the input of desired services and features you gave us, and will keep you updated about the developments at DE-CIX.

And of course we want to thank you for helping us decide on the names of the two new patch robots!
The presentations can be downloaded on the agenda page, and you can have a look at our picture gallery.

We look forward to seeing you again!