25 April 2019

First networks peer at DE-CIX Lisbon

The DE-CIX hardware in Lisbon is up and running, and the first customers are peering locally on the DE-CIX Apollon platform. In addition, one customer is already peering remotely in Madrid with the GlobePEER Remote service. Traffic numbers and connected network numbers are expected to grow, with five more customers already eager to start with provisioning and get connected. 

Lisbon is the place where the sea cables from Western Africa and South America first hit the European continent. It is the perfect place to enter Europe and exchange traffic instead of going further north. Connecting in Lisbon instead of London saves transport and colocation costs and reduces latency massively, by at least 30 milliseconds round-trip time (RTT). In addition, networks can peer with 140+ networks in Madrid.

“We started with DE-CIX Madrid on the Iberian Peninsula, and the exchange’s success has shown the obvious need for southern traffic flows and local traffic to have an exchange point close to the Southern European sea cable landing stations. As such, DE-CIX Lisbon is the perfect addition to Madrid, and we are looking forward to seeing a similar success story in Lisbon as we had in Madrid. Together, the exchanges build the new center of gravity in the South of Europe,“ says Theresa Bobis, Regional Director South Europe.

Happy peering!