24 September 2020

First DE-CIX customer from Nepal

This does not happen very often anymore so we are very excited to announce that we have our very first customer a new country from: We welcome Nepal to the DE-CIX community – Communications & Communicate Nepal is now peering at DE-CIX Mumbai.

Communications & Communicate Nepal was one of the first network service providers in Nepal. Today, it is a premium Internet wholesale provider and provides about 30 percent of Nepal’s Internet. Partnering with major international content providers, the company is dedicated to providing faster, secure, and reliable Internet for Nepalese users.

The largest exchange in Mumbai

The Internet Exchange in Mumbai was our first one in India. It is the largest exchange in the most important Internet gateway for the Indian sub-continent, with more than 250 connected Indian and international networks. In 2019 we opened three further exchanges in Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai.

Welcome to DE-CIX, Communications & Communicate Nepal!

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