27 August 2019

First customers live at DE-CIX Chennai

Early this year, we announced that we would extend our presence in India with three more locations in Chennai, Delhi, and Kolkata. Today we are happy to announce that, since the end of July, DE-CIX Chennai is now up and running. The first two networks are already live and peering at DE-CIX Chennai: Airdesign Broadcast India Pvt Ltd, as134326, and Sri Vari Network, as134877, both with an open peering policy.

After Mumbai, Chennai has one of the most content-rich ecosystems in the southeast, and it is closer to Singapore, which is the most important regional hub in the Asia-Pacific. DE-CIX Chennai is accessible through the Bharti Airtel Santhome data center in Chennai.

Mumbai-IX as model exchange in India

While DE-CIX Chennai is starting to grow, Mumbai-IX now connects more than 160 networks, and showed tremendous growth in 2018. Just recently, the exchange started to offer 100GE access at all DE-CIX Mumbai enabled data centers, and the first customers upgraded to 100GE. The exchange in Mumbai paved the way for the development of the next DE-CIX exchanges in India. They are the logical next step to exchange traffic much closer to the end users, which is the necessary development in line with the growth of the Indian market in terms of traffic and user-base.